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This thread discusses issues, actions and concerns about putting the MIDAS profile into action.

MIDAS High Ability Students

from Branton Shearer at

Gina Boyd, Teacher of Gifted Students, Tippecanoe Schools., Lafayette, Indiana wrote to me recently about her use of The MIDAS with her class of high ability students. It is always interesting to hear about the wide variety of uses for the MIDAS Profile. Gina agrees with other educators that MI helps gifted students to have more nuanced views of what it means to be smart. The MI framework allows students to appreciate themselves as well as different kinds of smartness in their peers.

“I teach 4th and 5th grade high ability students in a self-contained classroom.  During the first quarter of the 4th grade year, I teach a unit on giftedness in which the students learn about themselves as learners.

I use MIDAS with my class every other year because I have my students for 2 years, and I will be using it again in September of 2019.”



MIDAS and Career Development

from Branton Shearer at

I received the following update from Mayra Ruiz, MIDAS director in Puerto Rico. This initiative was instigated by a dynamic and inspirational group of instructors and has snowballed to all four campuses: Hato Rey, Mayaguez, Manati, Bayamon and Arecibo. It is gratifying for me to hear that the work continues despite the challenge they had recovering from devastating hurricanes.

Greetings Branton,

At the Career Institute of Puerto Rico (ICPR) Junior College, MIDAS is finally given the importance it deserves and for which I have fought for many years. It is in the plans of the President, Dr. Olga Rivera, to use MIDAS for 2019, as a tool to promote our Institution.

Over the years, ICPR has used MIDAS for:

  1. Teaching: Objective: Increase Retention and Graduation rates
  2. Training the Faculty: Objectives: 1. Influence how to offer classes. 2. Upgrade to the Faculty in Technology.
  3. Recruitment: Objectives: 1. Locate students in careers according to their intelligences. 2. Provide the Admissions Officers with the offers they should emphasize.
  4. Sales and marketing: Objectives: 1. Identify the best way to sell the programs, according to the prospect’s ability to solve their problems. 2. Advertising campaign regarding MIDAS.

For several years now, I have been working with MIDAS and to get the most out of it.

Sincerely, Mayra Ruiz, Career Institute of Puerto Rico (ICPR) Junior College



What does it mean to be MIDAS Certified?

from Branton Shearer at

With the help of colleagues in the Netherlands, Singapore and China we are now organizing MIDAS Certification training workshops. Certification ensures that MIDAS users are familiar with proper administration and interpretation procedures. MIDAS is different from most tests and assessments and so for students to get the most benefit from their profiles, it is necessary for them to receive the right guidance.

There are four levels of Certification: Foundations, Practitioner, Mentor & Master Mentor.  Feedback from MIDAS Practitioner, Dionne Heng Cheng Peng describes very well the goals of the training.

From Dionne Heng Cheng Peng, 11-7-18, Singapore

“After knowing MI, I have learnt to see my kids with a different lens, knowing that each one of them is unique and crafted differently. Individual has their different learning preferences as individual intelligences are scaled differently. I am excited and motivated to partner my students’ parents in bringing out the best of their child with the MIDAS report. Many parents are frustrated and having this power struggle with their kids due to a clash of their intellectual styles with their kids. Being able to work together with parents deriving the best way to communicate with their child and to guide the child finding their best study skill that intrigues their learning are my motivation for now!

I am definitely intrigued to know that even the most difficult or not recognized child is smart in their own way who can also contribute in their small ways to give back to society. Helping individuals to find their confidence, motivation and ownership to learning is so exciting. As a parent myself, I am so thankful that MI has opened my mind and changed my ways in responding to my own kids, helping them to take ownership of their learning as this is a life-long learning skill. I have learned to ask “How are you smart?” instead of “How smart are you?” now.”





MIDAS Training in Singapore

from Branton Shearer at

My thanks to Henry Toi and his colleagues at NurtureCraft for organizing two workshops for me. First, we trained a group of people to be Certified MIDAS Administrators at the Practitioner Level.  Second, I conducted at daylong workshop entitled, Neuroscience and the Art of Teaching. See group photo below.




MIDAS in Netherlands – Onward!



MIDAS continues to blossom in the Netherlands    Thanks to the efforts and creative thinking of many inspired people – including

Haiko Jessurun, Helga Hohn, Frits Schoeren and others!

Also be sure to look for Celebrate 2.0 in Delft on Oct. 10, 2018 where I will be the Key Note speaker.

Read about our aMI networking day on Nov. 25, 2017.

New Developments-aMI_News

Exploring Careers with Jenny

The following client sketch is provided by Joe Casey of Casey Consulting, Ireland,

Jenny is an 18-year-old who loves sport. She is very involved in hurling and football at club and county level with county and All-Ireland under 16 minor hurling medals.
She’s also heavily involved with venture Scouts, is a scout leader and loves interacting with others. She was a big reader but is less so in recent years. Jenny also liked to argue and was involved with a young entrepreneurs venture at school – apparently they had very good sales, with a large margin.

Jenny’s MIDAS profile (see below) showed her highest scale scores as Kinaesthetic, Linguist and Interpersonal and lowest as Naturalistic. These and her top Skills of Athleticism, Effectiveness, Rhetoricical, Persuasion, Reading/Writing, seemed to perfectly correspond with the activities she devotes most of her time to.

As we explored all university and career options Jenny showed a preference for studying subjects such as economics, business, psychology, philosophy, law and possibly even medicine (although she didn’t find the lifestyle appealing, and her Science skill was among her lowest on the scale). Once we had delved into each of these in detail, covering what she’d learn and the skills she’d use/develop Jenny subsequently indicated a preference for studies in Law or Business & Law.

It appears that the MIDAS mirrored Jenny’s understanding of herself and how she’d like to develop for the next phase of her life.

MIDAS in India – FindYourFit

A recent article by Jitendra Sandu in Silicon India StartUP City magazine describes how his company, FindYourFit uses MIDAS to help employers find the right people.

“FindYourFit is a social recruitment company focused on connecting international jobseekers with suitable employers. In addition to technical capabilities, it emphasizes the alignment of an employee’s personality, values, and interests with an organization’s culture, goals, strategy, and values.”

Read full article here. Silicon India_Best_Start_Ups

MI Makes a BIG Difference!

Colegio Evangelico Capitan Correa

I just returned from a very productive and inspiring week in Puerto Rico where I visited two schools where both MI and MIDAS are key elements in their educational programs.   The first was Colegio Evangelico Capitan Correa   K- 12 school in Arecibo. For several years they have been giving 9th grade students the MIDAS at the same time introducing project-based learning activities into various subjects. They were afraid that such activities would negatively affect their academic test scores but instead the opposite happened – test scores increased!  As did student motivation and enthusiasm.



. . .

Puerto Rico Career Institute — where MI is alive!

Manuel Maldonado (Intelligence Forecasting) Olga Rivera (president, ICPR) and Branton

MIDAS Works!

The Career Institute of Puerto Rico (ICPR) is a network of five campuses providing two year career training in areas such as culinary arts, hospitality, book-keeping, etc. For seven years they have been training their faculty to design MI –inspired projects and giving all students The MIDAS. They began at one campus then trained faculty at a second campus and so on. They now have all five campuses involved in the MI project and all students do their MIDAS upon admission. They have observed an increase in retention along with improved student satisfaction. There is a director of innovation, Mayra Ruiz, who liaisons with faculty at each campus a facilitates the adoption of various development activities such as a MIDAS Café and MIDAS mentors and other awareness building efforts. They have the support of the school’s president and a base of enthusiastic faculty who are committed to student-centered instruction.

It was my honor to participate in their Teacher’s Appreciation Day and share the results of my neural MI investigations. They appeared to be very interested in this topic!

. . .

MIDAS in the Netherlands

Good things are happening with the Dutch MIDAS team. The Dutch language translation of all age versions have been reviewed. Haiko Jessurun is writing the program for the MIDAS-PRO Leadership Profile. This is an extended and enriched report. We’ll be looking for sites to beta test this new product in the near future so let me know if you’re interested. It will be available in both English and Dutch.

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